Hello Kitty Cupcake Cafe

hello kitty cupcake cafeToy Review – Hello Kitty Cupcake Cafe

New Toys for Christmas 2014:

Hello Kitty is a longtime favorite of kids and parents alike. Now, Cartwheel Kids, owners of the Hello Kitty brand, is opening the doors of the Hello Kitty Cupcake Cafe. This adorable play set is sure to delight not only Hello Kitty fans, but many cupcake admirers as well. It’s cute, fun and totally irresistible.

Who Is This For?

Kids cannot help but fall in love with Hello Kitty and her friends. Hello Kitty has been around for 40 years now, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that even adults who have grown up with Hello Kitty still have a special spot for her in their hearts. Thus, they end up collecting practically anything related to Hello Kitty and now have vast Hello Kitty collections. The Hello Kitty Cupcake Cafe is certainly going to be a great addition to those collections.


8 and up.

Things We Like

Who does not like Hello Kitty? Kids of any age – even adults! – are huge fans of Hello Kitty, as well as her many friends. The Hello Kitty Cupcake Cafe is definitely something that fans should not miss. The design and construction are certainly representative of all things Hello Kitty, from the color to the decor. The base is stable, so it can stand alone without fear of it toppling over.

Even the smallest details are faithful to the Hello Kitty that we have come to love. The door of the oven is delightfully designed in the face of Hello Kitty, and her red bow is placed at the top of the roof. Even the knobs have red bows on them!

Little girls are going to love the color scheme, which is primarily pink, red and white. At this point, not a lot of details about how it actually works have been released by Cartwheel Kids, but the few photos of the product are enough for us to look forward to when it is released.

Things We Don’t Like

As mentioned earlier, the Hello Kitty Cupcake Cafe does not have enough information for us to make definitive notes on what to like and not to like about it. Of course, we would have loved if it has the elements of a true café, such as tables and seats, but they may be forthcoming.

How Much?

The Hello Kitty Cupcake Cafe has a price of $80.00.


Cartwheel Kids has not yet released any details regarding guarantee and warranty for the Hello Kitty Cupcake Cafe.

Is It Worth The Money?

The announced selling price of the Hello Kitty Cupcake Cafe may be a little steep for some, but until we find out the full features of this toy, it is hard to make a conclusive decision on whether or not it is worth the money.

Where Can I Buy?

Expect the Hello Kitty Cupcake Cafe to be available everywhere Hello Kitty products are sold, and that includes Amazon and other online merchant sites.

Final Thoughts

Your Hello Kitty collection will not be complete without the Hello Kitty Cupcake Cafe!

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