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kidizoom smart watchToy Review – Kidizoom Smart Watch

New Toys for Christmas 2014:

The KidiZoom Smart Watch from VTech is touted as the first smart watch designed for kids. Available in pink, blue, green and white, this smart watch comes with a 1.4-inch touch display, a 0.3MP digital camera, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, and voice recorder with voice-changing effects.

Who Is This For?

Parents who want to start their kids early when it comes to telling time will definitely snap this smart watch up for their children. It is fun, interactive, and chock-full of useful features that they will enjoy exploring. It’s also lightweight and colorful, almost like a toy. With its built-in educational games, this watch can easily be called a highly useful educational toy.


3-9 years old.

Things We Like

The simple concept of kids having their own smart watch is quite appealing. After all, why shouldn’t kids get started early when it comes to telling time? At the same time, why not make sure that they actually have fun while learning and mastering it?

The vibrant and crisp display of the KidiZoom Smart Watch is worthy of note. The digital camera gives them a free hand when it comes to taking pictures and recording videos. They can also let their creativity come into play. This smart watch features special effects, where kids can apply filters and create customized frames for the photos they take.

The voice recorder is a fun addition, especially when the voice-changing feature is put to use.

We also liked the three built-in games found in the Kidizoom Smart Watch. They are fun and educational at the same time, since they involve puzzle-solving, memory-testing, and matching objects.

Compared to other smart watches, the KidiZoom Smart Watch is significantly cheaper, which is to be expected, considering the target demographic.

Things We Don’t Like

We appreciate the USB port and PC compatibility of the KidiZoom Smart Watch, allowing users to offload or transfer their files to a computer. However, it would have been better if it can also connect to other mobile devices for faster transfers. It also does not offer any internet connectivity, which is another feature that many people are looking for in their tech gadgets.

How Much?

The Kidizoom Smart Watch is expected to have a retail price of $59.99.


VTech has not yet made any announcements regarding warranty and guarantee terms for the Kidizoom Smart Watch.

Is It Worth The Money?

At $59.99, the Kidizoom Smart Watch is considered to be a steal, when you take into account its interesting and useful features. It also makes “telling time” a fun, exciting and more interactive experience.

Where Can I Buy?

VTech has made the Kidizoom Smart Watch available in its official store. However, you can also find it in your favorite merchant stores, such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

While some would argue about it being a “smartwatch”, due to the lack of internet connectivity, there is no denying that the other features of the Kidizoom Smart Watch make it a must-have for kids.

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