Kuties Scooter from Razor Jr

kuties scooter from razor jrToy Review – Kuties Scooter from Razor Jr.

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The new Kuties Scooter from Razor Jr. is a 2-in-1 toy that combines the functions of a scooter and that of a hobby horse in one highly durable and stable unit. Currently it comes in two versions: the Kuties Unicorn Scooter and Kuties Cowboy Scooter.

Who Is This For?

3-year-olds are deemed too young to have their own bikes, so parents decide to give them the next best thing: scooters. Parents who are looking for a scooter to get their kids started with are bound to experience confusion on which unit to buy. They want something that is safe and stable, but also cute and cuddly. And that is where the Kuties Scooter from Razor Jr. comes in.


3 and older and up to 45 pounds in weight.

Things We Like

Who doesn’t want a multi-functioning toy? If it were up to parents, they would want a toy that can do practically everything, so they will only spend once. Razor’s idea of combining a scooter and a hobby horse into one package is definitely commendable, in more ways than one.

Not only does it save parents from the cost of purchasing a scooter and a hobby horse separately, it also helps them to introduce their kids to the concept of riding. Sure, it’s not a bike. And it’s not a two-wheeled scooter, either. However, as a starter scooter, or even a transition scooter, the Kuties Scooter from Razor Jr is simply perfect.

The safety of our kids is paramount in our minds when we talk about toys or tools like scooters. We do not want accidents to happen because the scooter broke down, or a part malfunctioned. Fortunately, that’s not going to be a problem with the Kuties Scooter. The steel, aluminum and plastic materials used in its construction are solid and durable, so it is guaranteed to hold the weight of the riders for a long time to come.

And did you see how adorable the scooters look? The unicorn and the cowboy designs are both so cuddly, kids will definitely have a great time wheeling themselves around on these things!

Things We Don’t Like

At this point, we still cannot say for sure if there is anything to dislike about the Kuties Scooter from Razor Jr. More designs, aside from the unicorn and cowboy design, would be welcome, though.

How Much?

The Kuties Scooters from Razor Jr. will cost somewhere between $40.00 to $55.00 each.


Razor offers a limited warranty against manufacturing defects for this product for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

Is It Worth The Money?

You are getting two toys for the price of one; of course it’s worth the money!

Where Can I Buy?

Aside from the official Razor site, other major toy stores and online stores, such as Amazon, also have this for sale.

Final Thoughts

Give your kids a memorable first scooter ride with their cuddly friend! The Kuties Scooter from Razor Jr. is a gift that they will definitely adore and have fun wheeling around on!

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