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lazer pitch baseballToy Review – Lazer Pitch Baseball

New Toys for Christmas 2014:

The Lazer Pitch Baseball is essentially a pitching machine designed for ages 5 and above. It can be adjusted for height as well as pitching angles, and features a unique remote controlled baseball bat that can control the timing of the pitch.

Who Is This For?

Aspiring baseball players will find a good beginner’s baseball training machine in Lazer Pitch Baseball. Even those who do not see themselves playing baseball in the future will also greatly benefit from something that will improve their coordination as well as boost their confidence. Parents who want to encourage their kids to take up any sport will also find the Lazer Pitch Baseball to be a useful tool.


5 years and older.

Things We Like

We have many opinions on what makes an effective baseball pitching machine, especially for kids. Looking at Lazer Pitch Baseball, it seems to have all those requirements that most parents and even coaches would want these machines to have, especially when training kids.

The Lazer Pitch Baseball pitching machine has the advantage of being adjustable with respect to the height of the child using it. But that is not all the can be adjusted. It can also adjust the pitching angle, so it can produce different types of pitches, such as a fast ball or a gentle lob. Beginners will also benefit from its 90-degree pop-up angle. Also worth mentioning is the Auto Mode, which pitches every eight seconds – perfect for practices.

There is also the unique remote controlled baseball bat, which has a button on the handle that must be pressed in order to activate a pitch. Once the ball is coming, a red light will flash to warn you. This means that the timing of the pitch is completely in the hands of the batter. No risk of being unprepared and getting caught unawares or, worse, getting injured or hurt.

Things We Don’t Like

The remote controlled baseball bat is 26 inches long. It would have been a good idea to have made the length of the baseball bat adjustable as well. This would allow kids with different arm lengths to be more comfortable when they are wielding the bat.

How Much?

The Lazer Pitch Baseball costs $54.00. This includes the pitching machine, the remote controlled bat, and the five balls. The unit requires 4 “D” and 1 “9V” batteries (not included).  


There have been no clear announcements on what type of warranty coverage, if any, is available for Lazer Pitch Baseball.

Is It Worth The Money?

As far as the baseball pitching machines for kids go, the Lazer Pitch Baseball is no doubt one of the best and most effective for the price.

Where Can I Buy?

Lazer Pitch Baseball is available from Fat Brain Toys, as well as major toy stores and online retailers, including Amazon.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely step up your game and improve your batting average with Lazer Pitch Baseball.


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