Monster High Inner Monster Dolls

Monster High Inner Monster Dolls

Toy Review – Monster High Inner Monster Dolls

New Toys for Christmas 2014:

There are new monsters on the block, and you can have a say on how they look and dress up. It’s the Monster High Inner Monster dolls, which is available in three killer options: Fearfully Feisty n Mad Love, Spooky Sweet n Frightfully Fierce, and Scared Silly n Shockingly Shy.

Who is This For?

The dolls in the Monster High Inner Monster doll line are geared towards children who are 6 years old and above. These dolls are certainly a break from the usual fare of dolls given to kids, especially little girls. It also inspires children to be creative, which is another reason why many parents will not hesitate to purchase a set, or two, for their kids.


6 – 15 years old

Things We Like

The create-a-monster concept adapted by Mattel for the Monster High Inner Monster line of dolls is its main draw. After all, imagine all the fun you can have coming up with an entirely new look for your monster doll, and switching things up whenever you feel like it. One catchphrase of these dolls is “Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster.” With all the tools provided, this can actually happen.

So what will you get with each set? The doll is already an impressive canvas on which every imaginative child can work on. The chest plate, face plate, and even the skeleton, are interchangeable. Wigs and hairpieces are also available to match the out-of-this-world outfits and freaky accessories.  Mattel’s website says that each Monster High Inner Monster doll set contains an “eye-changing/brain feature, one additional interchangeable face plate, one wig, a peggable/interchangeable skeleton and chest plate, eight emoticon pieces, one over-the-top fashion, two pairs of shoes, one purse, one headband, doll stand, brush, and fill-in-the-blank diary.”

Another fun part is changing the expression on the face of the monster dolls. All you have to do to achieve this is to change the mask. By pressing on the brain, the color of the doll’s eyes will also change. Mismatched eye color? Not a problem, because the Monster High Inner Monster doll can also do that. The accompanying doll stand definitely comes in handy when it is time to display or show off the monster doll’s new look.

Things We Don’t Like

We don’t think the Monster High Inner Monster dolls have any truly undesirable features, and recommend them enthusiastically for children over 6.  The dolls are unable to stand alone, but each doll includes a stand for play or display. 

Mattel’s website recommends these dolls for ages 3 and up, but we respectfully disagree. They are not recommended for younger children who are still likely to put toys in their mouths, as the small parts present a choking hazard. It may also be difficult to keep track of those small parts and keep them organized. Consider purchasing a special case to keep them in. You may end up appreciating this even more than your child does!

Remember, if you are purchasing a Monster High Inner Monster doll for a child who is not a family member, you may wish to find out in advance if the child or family is offended by the current popularity of monsters, ghouls, zombies, or other supernatural beings.

How Much?

The suggested retail price of a Monster High Inner Monster Doll is announced at $21.97.


Monster High Inner Monster Dolls are covered by Mattel’s warranty.

Is It Worth The Money?

Spending more than $20 on a doll seems a bit too much, but considering how this doll can be customized and “designed” according to your personal preferences (and the freakier, the better), the price of the Monster High Inner Monster doll is worth it.

Where Can I Buy?

Mattel offers these in its online store, as well as stock the shelves of major toy stores with it. Of course, another option would be the other online retailers, with Amazon on top of the list.

Final Thoughts

Creating a monster is now easy and fun, and you can even be creative with it, thanks to the Monster High Inner Monster dolls!

Monster High® is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc.

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