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New Toys for Christmas 2014:

Sidekix toys are not your ordinary stuffed animals that you can treat as your best friends. With just a few zips, flipping action, and attaching clips and magnets, they can be transformed into something you can toss and
throw around, or something decorative for your home or personal effects.

Who Is This For?

If parents are looking for toys that are safe and harmless for their kids, their no-fail go-to are stuffed animals. They are cute, cuddly, and suitable for both boys and girls, and for all ages. The Sidekix toys’ multifunctionality will make them even more attractive to parents and anyone else looking for the perfect present to give to children.


4 years old and up.

Things We Like

A stuffed animal that can be transformed into a lot of things? Who would say no to that? Certainly not us!

We like how, by just zipping up a Sidekix toy, we can have a ball that we can throw, pass, or kick around. Of course, the animal character can also be easily popped in and out of the ball, which is a cute way of revealing a furry and adorable friend.

But it’s not just for playing. With a few strategic placement of magnets, it can be attached to a metal wall, bike handlebars, or even the door of a fridge, instantly turning the Sidekix toy into a decoration! The addition of a clip also makes it easier to bring your cuddly friend with you practically anywhere!

Right now, Sidekix toys come in five species of animals. There is the endangered black and white panda named Bamboo, the mythical red dragon named Inferno, the cute and furry chick named Click A Dee Chick A Dee, the friendly dog named Mojo, and the fuzzy zebra named Savannah. We are looking forward to upcoming additions to the pack, the Animal Jams line, which includes a giraffe, crocodile, tiger, wolf, fox and panda.

Of course, we should also mention how cute and cuddly these stuffed animals really look. They are colorful and attractive, and possess the main features that the animals they are supposed to represent possess.

Things We Don’t Like

Right now, our only complaint is the limited number of choices of Sidekix toys. However, that is soon to be remedied with the impending release of other Sidekix toys.

How Much?

The Sidekix toys, which currently comes in five species and cost $5.99 each.


Sidekix has not released any information on applicable guarantees or warranties for its toys.

Is It Worth The Money?

At only $5.99, the Sidekix toys are priced quite reasonably. In fact, many will be tempted to acquire the whole Sidekix collection! Since you will essentially be getting two toys in one cute package, the $5.99 spent on each toy is definitely worth it.

Where Can I Buy?

Aside from the official Sidekix website, the Sidekix toys are available from online merchants such as Amazon, as well as other major toy sellers and retailers.

Final Thoughts

We all love a toy that serves a lot of purpose, and the Sidekix toys certainly fit that bill perfectly!

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