Back To School Laptops: Things To Consider Before You Buy

back-to-school-laptopsBack To School Laptops – Things To Consider Before You Buy:

Back to school laptops are becoming a necessity for more and more students. Laptops are perfect for researching and writing reports and school papers, and many schools even require assignments to be submitted in electronic format.

1) Choosing The Right Laptop

In some cases, the school may have a list of recommended laptops for students to buy. This is a great starting point if you’re really not sure. It’s especially important if the laptop is going to be used for subject-related software, such as music production or design software that may require a more powerful processor and specific requirements to run the programs. If there are no suggestions, think carefully about the ways in which you or your child will be using the laptop. All new back to school laptops will be able to handle functions such as word processing, surfing the internet and so on. However, extra features such as gaming capabilities will cost more if you need them.

2) Would A Desktop Be A Better Choice?

Before you buy, consider whether a laptop really makes sense for your child, or whether a desktop could be a better choice. The main benefits of choosing a desktop are that they cost less for more powerful systems and are easier to upgrade. However, most students do prefer the portability that a laptop has to offer. The choice really is personal.

3) Would a Tablet Be a Better Choice?

More and more kids have cell phones and tablets, and are beginning to prefer the portability. Either of these devices can fit neatly in a backpack. There are things you can’t do easily on a phone, like write a term paper, and not all websites are mobile friendly. Using such a small device for reading and writing could cause considerable eye strain. Carefully consider what your student will be using the device for before you invest in any kind of device.

4) Where To Buy

Some schools will have their own computer stores, but in general you’ll want to compare prices from a number of sources if you’re looking to get the best deal. Some computer manufacturers offer discounts to students, so it’s always worth mentioning it. Use the internet to your advantage to compare prices and laptop features side by side. However, remember that you’ll want to buy from a reputable store that provides a warranty with each of its products. They will probably try to sell you an extended warranty for an added cost. Most of the time you won’t need to use it, but if you want the laptop to last for a few grades then it may be worth taking them up on the offer to cover the cost of repairs and replacements.

5) When To Buy

The best time to buy laptops depends on where you’re buying from and what you’re buying. Individual retailers will offer sales at different times of year, but you can often find the best deals after Thanksgiving and in January. During the back to school season the stores know that they have many customers eager to buy, so they don’t always offer the best prices. That said, by using the internet you’ll be able to seek out the best deals a lot more easily!

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