Ernie Farm Train

Ernie Farm TrainToy Review – Ernie Farm Train

Choo choo! Let your little ones roll the Ernie Farm Train around the entire neighborhood for a fun experience! Little ones will undoubtedly love playing with this train.

Who Is This For?

The Ernie Farm train is an ideal product for people looking for toy cars and trains for their young kids. Whether you are an aunt/uncle searching for a nephew’s birthday gift or a parent trying to find something educational for your child, an Ernie Farm trains is definitely going to serve you well.

Hasbro Inc. has introduced new toys starring children’s favorite Sesame Street characters, including Ernie, Elmo and Cookie Monster. Ernie farm trains offer an effective learning system that enable tots to explore and learn in a digital environment. They endow you children with an interactive world of Rails and Roads that mixes two preferred playtime activities for preschoolers: trains and cars. Ernie Farm Trains is perfect for those who want their children to experience magical moments with their beloved Sesame Street characters and learn at the same time.


18 months – 4 years

Things we like about the Ernie Farm Train

1. It is especially designed for young children (18 months to four years).

2. It offers an easy, effective learning experience for preschoolers.

3. You just need to press Ernie’s head down in order to hear fun phrases about animals and farming.

4. A great way to teach children about the animal kingdom.

5. It features a pig that needs to be taken to the farm, which adds to the child’s fun.

6. Ernie Farm train can also be taken for a spin on the popular Elmo Junction Play-set along with the kids’ favorite Cookie Monster Food Train Play-set.

7. It also features an attachable rail car.

Things we did not like about the Ernie Farm Train

Some parents may not be thrilled that it needs 3 AAA batteries, which are included.

How Much?

Unlike other toy trains for kids, Ernie Farm train is reasonably priced. The average price for this toy train is just $16.99, which makes it a perfect present for your child. Surprise him or her with a cute little farm train that not only entertains, but also helps them learn about animals and farming.


The warranty covers defective and missing parts.

Is The Ernie Farm Train Worth The Money?

With the preamble of Sesame Street character and play-and-learning system, parents can easily provide their children with a hands-on learning experience, especially to kids two years of age or older. The Ernie Farm Train is an ideal plaything for your kid and is totally worth the investment.

Where can we buy the Ernie Farm Train?

 You can buy the Ernie Farm Train online from and It is also available at all major toy retailers countrywide.

Final Thoughts

With thousands of satisfied customers all over the country, this toy train is 100% genuine and of high quality. Parents love this new, innovative way to engage their kids with their beloved Sesame Street character.


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